Who Are We?

The Sacred Way and Way of Liberty Committee is an association that was created on October 29, 1980.

Being intent on perpetuating the remembrance of all soldiers who died for France, the Committee’s motto is: «Remembering … by Making an Effort».

Five annual events are organized along with, as their climax, the Sacred Flame Relay between Paris and Verdun, which is the high point of our «Duty to Remember».

This Flame, removed from the Arc de Triomphe by representatives of the Verdun War Veterans, is returned to the Verdun War Memorial under the form of walking relays conducted by the athletes of the Sports Association of the Department of the Interior.

Since each year has its own special personality, we ceaselessly reinforce our service by offering conferences. Every year the association provides conferences that occur one hour before the Flame passes through towns located along the route. The purpose of these conferences is to prepare young participants for, and to educate them regarding, these Remembrance ceremonies.

Thanks to all our partners – and to you who assist us in our initiative.



founding President             Jean SARTINI

Vice Président Fondateur     Colonel Léon RODIER

President of Honour            Rémi HERMENT

Président                            Maurice MICHELET

Vice-Président                     Philippe SAINT-VANNE

Secretary General              Jean-Pierre ISCLA

Assistant Secretary               Jean LEQUY

treasurer                             Norbert JANNOT

Assistant  treasurer                Aymeric SAINT-VANNE

Delegate for Belgium     Jean DAUPHIN

Actions jeunes                    Anaïs LAPEL

Tiphaine LAPEL                   Yves TALAGRAND

Sporting events             Philippe FELTEN

Members :






Christophe PETIT


Since the creation of the Sacred Way and Way of Liberty Committee, the team of volunteers could not have imagined the gain in importance of these Sacred Flame Relays.

We pay a glowing tribute to two people:

- Jean Sartini,who was one of the first founding members.

- Léon Rodier,who was also around at the beginning of this noble adventure and who, since 1971, has been one of the key figures of the Memory in the Meuse and the most fervent champion of Remembering the Battle of Verdun.

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