The Course for 2010

Thanks to the volunteerism of the ASMI (Sports Association of the Department of the Interior), we have approximately 15 runners who can participate in a relay race along the course from Paris to Verdun. Frequently, as one approaches certain cities, athletes who are more or less young will wait for the Flame, and these persons will accompany the torchbearer over the final kilometers.

Conference in La Ferté-sous-Jouarre on October 30, and in Revigny-sur-Ornain on October 31


The purpose of our conferences is to make young people aware of their history, to prepare them for and educate them on the ceremony that is about to unfold an hour and a half later in front of the communal monument to those who died, and to transform these young people into full participants in the Duty to Remember.

On this occasion, we are all reminded of the Republic’s values as well as the symbolism of the flag, The Marseillaise, November 11, the Unknown Soldier and the Sacred Flame.

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