Remembering … by Making an Effort

Sharing the Sacred Flame with Every Town

The ceremony at the Verdun Victory Monument on November 9

The Sacred Flame, removed from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, will be transferred between Paris and Verdun by relay runners who take over for each other in order to complete the course’s 360 km. When the Sacred Flame arrives in Verdun, an official ceremony will occur at the War Memorial, including the laying of wreaths, and then the Flame will be placed in the crypt of the Verdun Victory Monument, awaiting the November 11 ceremonies.

Between November 1 and 11, the Sacred Flame will experience several "Rekindlings". For the year 2008, we hope to mobilize young people representing approximately 10 cities, transmit the Sacred Flame to them and enable them to bring it back to their Town Hall. On the occasion of the November 11 ceremonies, this Flame of Remembrance will be placed in front of the War Memorials of the various participating towns.

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